Lighting System Controls

We have come a long way from Edison’s invention of the light bulb. Unlike years ago when lighting was mostly functional, we have entered an era where the possibilities with lighting are almost endless. We can transform you home’s lighting from “ordinary” to “spectacular.” Through lighting, you can create a variety of settings, moods, and security. This will not only enhance the comfort of your home, it will add a new dimension of beauty, character, and ambiance.

Windows & Blinds

Enjoy the convenience, safety, and efficiency of electronically controlled motorized window blinds and shades. As automated window/shade control specialists, we are experts in providing homeowners with the ideal solution. Our offering will provide you with enhanced lighting control and energy savings.

Network Distribution

The quality of any electronics system is only as good as the foundation on which it is built. Having a solid and robust internal network will return “manifold dividends” in the form of dependable and consistent network performance.

Home Entertainment

With the ongoing convergence of technology and the increasing hours we spend “digitally connected,” our home entertainment systems have truly become the focal point in lives. Keyed into this phenomenon, manufacturers continue to produce larger displays with increased capabilities. This includes 5.1 surround sound, multiple HDMI interfaces, streaming media, and a host of other technological advances, which enrich our visual and auditory senses.

Audio Streaming

Home audio systems come in vast array of designs, configurations, and features. As each homeowner has different tastes and budgets, we take great care to understand those needs and to provide the optimum solution. We can design systems geared for every listening pleasure. Whether it be the discriminating demands of an audiophile or simply a system which is intended for average listeners, we will work with you to achieve the best possible solution.


Today’s technology has advanced to the point where wireless connections are now ubiquitous. WiFi can have outstanding quality of service and extended service range. In some cases, a WiFi signal can extend hundreds of feet away from its connecting point. This makes WiFi an excellent choice for lanai, dock, garage, guesthouse or other far away points on the property…all without the need for physical wiring. Frequently, WiFi permits the homeowner to have vast connectivity options, while remaining well within the projects budget.

Surveillance Systems

We are living in an environment where diligence is becoming paramount to personal safety and the protection of your home. Once only affordable for businesses or very large estates, technology has ushered in a wave of very high quality, yet affordable video surveillance systems. Heralded by law enforcement agencies across the country, these systems can help prevent and even apprehend burglars.