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Home audio systems come in vast array of designs, configurations, and features. As each homeowner has different tastes and budgets, we take great care to understand those needs and to provide the optimum solution. We can design systems geared for every listening pleasure. Whether it be the discriminating demands of an audiophile or simply a system which is intended for average listeners, we will work with you to achieve the best possible solution.

Although we provide consumers with a variety of audio manufacturers to choose from, we have had the most satisfaction with Sonos products. The award winning company has set the “bar” high, which many competitors are struggling to match.

Their products are an excellent choice as they are infinitely configurable and adaptable, which will meet any consumer’s needs. With its broad range of products, we can customize almost any application. Whether it is an existing installation with speakers already in place or a new installation which requires speakers, Sonos provides the perfect solution. In many instances we use the existing speakers and only upgrade the amplifier.

As a cutting-edge company, Sonos has been sure to address applications that have special requirements. Among many of its outstanding products, one that has quickly gained in popularity is its wireless technology. This is an excellent alternative for applications where wires are unsuitable or challenging, such as condos or hard to reach places.

For customers who want that “big” surround sound feel without having to buy a large scale system…no problem. Sonos offers the “playbar” and “sub.” It is the ultimate in big sound from a small package. These stand-alone systems while smaller, still offer exceptional performance.

Whether you want audio that is stand-alone, distributed, wired or wireless, Internet and/or multi-media connected, “high-end” or standard, know that we take great pride in providing you with the best solution available. We will gladly provide you with a complimentary “in home” consultation to help assess your needs and available options.

Consider your goals.

  • Update the look of your home or business
  • Update the look for resale purposes
  • Improve the function of your home or business
  • Incorporate energy efficiency
  • Provide added security
  • Access and control from anywhere

Control what?

  • Home theater/entertainment
  • Whole house audio
  • Lighting
  • Comfort (heating and cooling)
  • Security and monitoring
  • Communication

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John was wonderful. Thanks to the intuitive user interfaces and simple keypad designs, we have been able to enjoy their system without any training.

Jane Dogherty, Elite Customer

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