A True Theatre Experience in Your Home

With the ongoing convergence of technology and the increasing hours we spend “digitally connected,” our home entertainment systems have truly become the focal point in lives. Keyed into this phenomenon, manufacturers continue to produce larger displays with increased capabilities. This includes 5.1 surround sound, multiple HDMI interfaces, streaming media, and a host of other technological advances, which enrich our visual and auditory senses.

Although the capabilities of televisions have increased manifold, operating these technological wonders is easier than ever and usually with just one remote controller. Once set-up, most devices are so reliable that additional support is seldom necessary. The key to having a reliable and stable system stems from having it installed and configured properly from the onset.

We use a holistic approach when designing and installing home entertainment systems. From small televisions, media projectors or even the behemoth displays, we will integrate the technology to provide you with the “end-result” you aspire having. When retrofitting older systems, most people are amazed how technological advances are providing remarkably superior performance. In addition to better sound and picture quality, newer systems require less physical wiring, which facilitate a cleaner installation.

We will gladly work with your interior designer to create a blended and seamless solution, which will match any décor. Our company name says it all…as we are driven to provide you with the elite system design. Before purchasing any devices or technology, we will gladly provide you with a complimentary consultation to ensure that you are selecting the best elements for your specific needs and environment, indoors or out.

Consider your goals.

  • Update the look of your home or business
  • Update the look for resale purposes
  • Improve the function of your home or business
  • Incorporate energy efficiency
  • Provide added security
  • Access and control from anywhere

Control what?

  • Home theater/entertainment
  • Whole house audio
  • Lighting
  • Comfort (heating and cooling)
  • Security and monitoring
  • Communication

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John was wonderful. Thanks to the intuitive user interfaces and simple keypad designs, we have been able to enjoy their system without any training.

Jane Dogherty, Elite Customer

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