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Enjoy the convenience, safety, and efficiency of electronically controlled motorized window blinds and shades. As automated window/shade control specialists, we are experts in providing homeowners with the ideal solution. Our offering will provide you with enhanced lighting control and energy savings.


Make window cords a thing of the past! With motorized blinds and shades, cumbersome and annoying cords are no longer necessary. With just the touch of a button, shades and blinds can be operated from just about anywhere…even away from home. Now you can have control over shades and blinds in even the most obscure places.


Motorized window treatments improve safety in two ways – they allow you to easily close your shades when night falls to ensure your privacy, plus they eliminate draw cords, which could become an entanglement hazard for children and pets. Shades and blinds can be controlled through the use of a timer, or from a smartphone, either at home or while away.


The south Florida sun not only creates significant heat gain in our homes, its ultra violet rays also cause damage to fabrics and furniture. With motorized blinds and shades, it is easy to adjust the amount of ambient light which enters your home. This will not only help optimize the amount of light you want to filter in, it will also help keep unwanted heat from entering as well. This provides enhanced comfort and reduced energy costs.

Call us for a complimentary review and assessment of your home. We have helped countless others in achieving the ideal shade/blind control solution and we are confident we can do the same for you.

Consider your goals.

  • Update the look of your home or business
  • Update the look for resale purposes
  • Improve the function of your home or business
  • Incorporate energy efficiency
  • Provide added security
  • Access and control from anywhere

Control what?

  • Home theater/entertainment
  • Whole house audio
  • Lighting
  • Comfort (heating and cooling)
  • Security and monitoring
  • Communication

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John was wonderful. Thanks to the intuitive user interfaces and simple keypad designs, we have been able to enjoy their system without any training.

Jane Dogherty, Elite Customer

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