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Experience Music Like Never Before with Control4 in Bonita Springs

By January 19, 2017March 21st, 2017No Comments

Until recently, most people were unfamiliar with the idea of home automation. Yet, as more advanced technologies and products become easily available, homeowners across America are upgrading their living spaces. Home automation puts the control of basic home appliances and systems squarely in your hands, all of which you can access from a remote point, such as a centralized unit inside your house or a smartphone app. With just a swipe of a finger, the touch of a screen, or simply the sound of your own voice, you can control all of these systems with more ease than ever before.

At the forefront of this charge is Control4 in Bonita Springs. Everything from your network, windows and blinds, home temperature, and even your lights can be automated to make your daily life easier and more enjoyable than before. And now, you can have your music automated so you can enjoy your favorite tunes without all the work that used to come with it.

Experience Music Like Never BeforeConvenient Acoustics

Enjoying a barbeque party with your friends and loved ones in your yard is one of the highlights of summer, but it can be a pain to keep coming inside just to switch up your favorite tunes. Control4 in Estero means you can do away with these disruptions altogether.

Play your favorite songs even when you’re on the patio. Stop and skip to your beloved music even when you’re in the kitchen preparing other tasty treats for your guests. Automated entertainment lets you flood your home with your favorite sounds without having to come near your audio system.

High-Definition Sounds

Furthermore, you now get to hear music at an all-new level. Hear all those textures, timbres, and details that make for a truly engaging musical experience. Control4 multi-room audio solutions lets you immerse yourself completely in any tune of your choice, with premium clarity that is not available in traditional listening methods.

Stream Away

Music streaming has redefined the way people listen, as it has made both old and new releases more accessible, available, and of higher quality than was possible in the past. Control4 audio solutions allows you to access music-streaming services such as Napster and Pandora without having to install additional gear. It even comes with AirPlay streaming support so you can seat back, relax, and enjoy exceptional sound quality anywhere you are in your home.


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