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How Control4 Home Automation System Will Keep You and Your Family Safe

By May 17, 2017June 1st, 2017No Comments

Homeowners know that their family’s safety should be their top priority. While you won’t always be around to keep them safe, you can ensure they’re adequately protected within your property.

By having Control4 automation systems installed in your home, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones and belongings are safe. Here are some of the most popular home safety and security features you can choose from.

Control4 Home Automation will Keep You Safe

Alarm Systems

When no one is home, you can protect your property from burglars with technology. While there are basic alarm systems available, these can often be thwarted by savvy thieves, so you’ll need something more reliable.

With an intelligent EA-5 Controller system combined with an in-wall touch screen, you can set alarms for different areas of your home at a time, so if you know where your pet is sleeping when you’re gone you can ensure they won’t set off the alarm. Plus, if you ever come home and need emergency assistance, a responsive alarm system can call 911 right there for you.

You can choose between 7 and 10 inch touch screen systems, wireless configurable keypads and keyed alarms, depending on your personal preference. All options will ensure you feel safe no matter where you are.

Alert Yourself to Any Issues

Smartwatches are becoming the new must-have accessory, so why not integrate your home’s technology with this wearable item? By installing the Control4 app on your Apple iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, you’ll receive an alert every time something goes on in your home that seems suspicious, whether it’s a leaking pipe, a door left unlocked or an alarm that’s been set off.

With Control4 systems in place, you can assess the situation and decide whether it’s no cause for concern, or whether you should run home and check out the problem. And if you’re too far away to respond, you can ask someone you trust to go and take a look at the issue.

Someone’s Always at Home

What deters thieves more than anything else? Lights on in your property! Rather than having to manually turn on a light before you leave the home, you can set your Mockupancy™ system to randomly switch lights on and off through the evening, making it look like real people are there and moving around.

If you want to keep your family safe and are interested in having Control4 systems installed in your property, contact a trusted supplier for more information about the options available to you. You may be surprised at how well technology can intelligently secure your home and loved ones. 

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