Everything in High Def


The current advancements in consumer electronics means that we now have more home entertainment options than ever. As televisions have recently evolved again, moving to ultra-high definition (also known as 4K) is an option that many consumers pursuing. The new televisions offer remarkable clarity, resolution, and detail, which makes viewing more exciting than ever.

These televisions (or most any television) can be coupled to home theater sound systems which truly rival the cinema…maybe better. With sound bars, high-end speakers, and powerful electronics, your home entertainment system will provide you with a full immersion experience…almost like being there. You can also carry that experience to the outdoor areas of your home as well.

The new televisions are not the only advances in technological improvements. Streaming media such as Netflix, Apple, Roku, and others bring an entirely new dimension in viewing options. These mediums bring users vast access to an almost unlimited genre of viewing options.

To take your home theater system to the pinnacle of sophistication and excitement, the addition of remote control access will truly enhance your experience. With the mere touch of your finger on the screen of a tablet or other device, you can command your impressive system with ease and adeptness. The remote option allows you to configure your system so you can easily adjust for whatever experience you desire. The options are becoming virtually unlimited. We are experts in integrating televisions, home theater systems, and

House Audio

We offer the solution to any delima in home audio. Let us show you how Elite System Design can fit audio any application either hard wired or wireless
Highlights: Sonos / play in every room at once or individually / stream from all of todays major app’s

Just imagine having your favorite mediums (music and television) everywhere in your home. As you move from room to room, the music and video follows you…without missing a beat. Or, you could enjoy having a different entertainment experience in each and every room.

We have many years in providing customers with the ultimate home entertainment experience. And no, we are not talking about run-of-the-mill off the shelf retail electronics. We are talking about high-grade systems that bring a warmth and richness, which is only available through home entertainment experts.

Our typical customer has very discriminating tastes and demands the finest quality and versatility. We bring the home entertainment experience to an entirely new level. We know that you are going to want to “show-off” your system to everyone you know!