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Control4 and Other Automation Systems: The Pure Bliss of Smart Homes

By April 19, 2017May 5th, 2017No Comments

Imagine living in a home where everything, from lighting to security, can be controlled using a single operating system. Imagine how simpler and easier your life will be. This was what most manufacturers of various brands of home automation systems envisioned when they created their products.

Automation Systems in Smart Homes

Indeed, the most affluent homes nowadays are equipped with either of the two of the most popular home automation systems in the market: Control4 and Crestron.

These platforms have top spots in various market surveys, with Control4 taking the lead in a home automation brand analysis conducted in 2014. A pure-play home automation, Control4 has successfully invaded affluent homes to bring the pleasures of a smart living experience.

Smart Building: The Home of the Future

A smart home is defined as a structure with a convenient appliance and device setup that lets the homeowner automatically control and access every device with the use of mobile phones or other connected devices.

With numerous smart home technology gadgets available in the market, it takes a homeowner with considerable foresight to install a home automation setup that can connect all these technologies in one central point and completely control them from anywhere in the world.  In short, smart home automation systems help coordinate, control, and secure various smart technologies (lighting, security, energy, entertainment, etc.) through a single platform.

Simple Integration of All Devices: Ideal for Home Automation

With so many smart home equipment and appliances available in the market, it is desirable to get an operating system that is compatible with every device regardless of its brand and interface. One of the most popular platforms within the mid-level home automation that has the capability to do fast and easy device integration is Control4.

According to its specs sheet, Control4 can integrate more than 7,500 individual products from different manufacturers. The secret behind the easy integration is Control4’s Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) technology that allows any device with the same technology to be instantly recognized by this operating system platform.

Control4 is capable of enhancing the overall system with reduced possibility of having to replace an incompatible device or needing to install additional configuration just to connect with the platform. It also means that regardless of the brand, it can still effortlessly interconnect with the rest of your devices with minimal engineering or programming.

Ultimately, the goal of any smart home automation system to give quality and user-friendly performance. For this reason, it helps to choose an operating system that encompasses all these qualities without having to break the bank.

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